What’s an ‘Aumakua?

In Hawaiian beliefs, an ‘Aumakua is a family god or deified ancestor. Typically manifesting as animals, na ‘aumakua are protectors, watching over their family. Families would never harm (or eat) their specific ‘aumakua, and in turn their guardians protected, cared for and warned in dreams and visions. The animal varied, and could be anything from a honu (hawaiian green sea turtle) or pueo (owl) to a mo’o (gecko) or mano (shark). In fact, sometimes it would manifest as something else entirely, such as a pohaku (rock) or mea kanu (plant). ‘Aumakua or otherwise, nobody on this planet was more intimately in touch with the oceans and the earth than ancient Hawaiians.

Our naming choice comes from this symbiotic relationship. We feel that the relationship between humans and animals needs to be more intimate. We must care for each other, the animals, oceans and the entire planet and they in turn will protect us. Our sincerest desire is for our trips to help you not only make incredible, unique images but also connect on a deeper level with the world around us and join us in our message of conservation and hope.