About us

Welcome to ‘Aumakua Tours!

About Us

‘Aumakua Tours was founded in 2016 and is owned and operated by photographer Lyle Krannichfeld. An avid collector of experiences and adventures and an enthusiastic teacher, Lyle is an award winning wildlife, underwater and landscape photographer based on Maui, Hawaii. He brings nearly two decades of shooting experience to the trips as well as an extensive background in teaching photography, editing and equipment. Expect a personalized experience catered to your level and specific goals, in a positive and enjoyable environment.

Quality and Value

The trips we are now offering are extremely high value, priced very competitively to encourage a wide range of clients…all without compromising on the wildlife encounters, accommodations or instruction. For the beginning and intermediate photographer, the trips will greatly accelerate your learning curve. You will receive extensive hands on training with your equipment (or ours) and a great in depth look at Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop at your level. Learn at your level and come home armed with a new set of skills and knowledge. For the advanced amateur and aspiring pro, get ready for the next step. Feel like you are plateauing? Here’s our advice: Shoot more interesting subjects! There comes a point where you’ve mastered your gear, you know how to edit and you simply need to get opportunities for world class images. Our trips bring it all together and we will get you front and center with unbelievable wildlife encounters and spectacular scenery, all with the best light and conditions. We have the knowledge to get you there and have done the leg work on location to maximize your opportunities.


We have long wanted to make photography oriented travel more accessible financially. As Lyle personally progressed from student to amateur to professional, he found that trips of this nature (while amazing) were priced well out of the range most people could afford and that’s a problem. Our goal is to provide world class wildlife and nature opportunities with a reasonable cost of entry, allowing beginners and hobbyists to enjoy and grow right along side the pros.

Our Promise

We understand that you have plenty of choices when booking photography tours. We understand that others have more experience or have won more awards. This is what we offer, and our promise to you: Choosing ‘Aumakua Tours means not only the best possible wildlife and nature opportunities, but a personal touch. We care about helping you reach your goals and helping you improve.  Your learning and your images come first and we promise to provide that in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment. Bottom line, we want you to go home having had some of the best experiences of your life, having made new friends and having learned a TON!