Tonga 2017 gear prep

Tonga 2017 gear prep

Aloha! As our Tonga 2017 trips draw close, I find myself once again swallowed up by gear. Headed to Fiji on Tuesday, but I thought I’d take a little bit of time to cover what I bring (and recommend) for Tonga and the Humpbacks. Here’s 90% of it, and I’ll include links below for gear I particularly love and highly recommend. Can’t wait to get back out there and share it with twelve excited guests!




  • Aquatica housing with Backscatter AirLock vacuum system (vacuum system is important!)
  • Aquatica 9.25″ megadome
  • Aquatica ports and zoom gears for 8-15 and 16-35
  • Spare O-rings and parts
  • Assorted small screwdrivers and allen wrenches
  • Super glue
  • 2x Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobes
  • ULCS arms and clamps
  • 12 Eneloop AA + 2 chargers


  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • 3 batteries + charger
  • 2 sets new props
  • Polar Pro filter set, ND+CPL
  • 2x 64gb Sandisk Micro SD


  • DJI Osmo+
  • 3 batteries + charger
  • Rode Compact video mic
  • Polar Pro filter set, ND+CPL
  • 2x 64gb Sandisk Micro SD


  • Apple Macbook Pro 15″, maxed out specs, late 2015.
  • 2x Lacie Rugged 2tb thunderbolt hard drives
  • 2x Lexar card readers
  • Logitech wireless mouse
  • Sony MDR-1000X noise cancelling headphones (a must for flying)
  • Apple iPhone 7+ and charger
  • Bestek travel power converter

Water/boat gear


See some of you very soon!!

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